Anantham Silks have a long tradition in the history of Handlooms. This is one of the prime reason why Anantham Silks has its own space in the textile market.Our Parent company had involved in manufacturing of Handlooms Textile products especially Kadhar varities for many years at Ramachandrapuram,Viruthunagar District. It enabled us to do direct wholesale of the textile products we manufacture.

All our sarees bear the silk mark that assures you 100% quality. We also have kids collection, men's  ready made collections, ladies ready made collection and more. Please visit our store today and quote about this website for exclusive discounts.

About The Company

Anantham Silks Parent Company was started in 1990. It has the reputation and tradition of handmade silks for generations. It has the vast experience in making silks that helps the company to withstand in the market.